Anniversary Adelaïde

In 2023,

The Adelaïde Group


its 90th anniversary

To celebrate the anniversary of the family holding company founded in 1933, events with Verlingue employees, Génération and Cocoon, were held in the regions and internationally.

Events in France…

The first celebration took place at our historic headquarters in Quimper.

The cycle of internal events in our various regions came to a close on 8 June in Paris.

…and internationally…

After Quimper, the 90th anniversary of the Adelaïde Group was celebrated internationally in Portugal and Switzerland.

The final event will take place in the United Kingdom for the Verlingue UK teams.

…but also highlights with our customers and partners

The history of the Adelaïde Group has been written thanks to its employees, but also thanks to its customers!


On the occasion of the Adelaide Group’s 90th anniversary, it was important for us to celebrate this anniversary with our privileged customers and our main partners, thanks to whom we have been able to develop and with whom we wish to pursue our future projects.


A number of lunches and dinners have taken place or are due to take place in the regions and internationally. Whether in Lisbon (Portugal), Lille, Mulhouse, Lyon, Bordeaux, Paris, Sursee (Switzerland), Sainte-Marine, or Rennes, clients shared a moment of conviviality and exchange with members of the Adelaide Group COMEX, as well as Regional Directors and Verlingue representatives.


A gift was presented to customers present for the occasion: a glazed ceramic depicting a sailor in the bow, by artist François Caujan. A powerful symbol chosen by Jacques Verlingue.


The next customer dinners and lunches will be held in Paris, Basel (Switzerland) and the UK.

« The Adelaïde Group is continuing to develop in line with its Impact24 plan and its objective of building a major insurance brokerage group on a European scane, family-owned and independant. »


Jacques Verlingue, Chairman of Adelaïde Group.