Adelaïde and arts

Helping to promote culture, share beauty and encourage knowledge.

For Adelaïde,

art is an inter-generational matter.

From Jules, who founded the business, faience manufacturer in Quimper and creator of the famous Odetta collection in 1926, to Jean-Yves, who drove the business forward and collected works from the Pont-Aven school, to Jacques, a great lover of contemporary art and a patron of international artists, art has always been at the heart of the Adelaïde Group.

Tony Soulié

François Dilasser

Artworks and murals created by artists such as William MacKendree, Tony Soulié and Jacques Bosser adorn the company’s offices and bring a greater sense of meaning, soul and joy to everyone who works there.

Art conveys a strong desire to share: from the company’s premises to moments spent with partners and customers… And even in the pages of this website.

Bureaux Verlingue

William MacKendree

Bureaux Verlingue – Jacques Bosser