Our ESG approach

Sustainability is a concept dear to the heart of a group that has just celebrated its 90th Anniversary.

“We want our business to continue to thrive, and to help our corporate customers to grow and prosper, by supporting them through the expected social, societal or environmental transitions. We are committed to reducing our environmental impact and making a positive contribution by preserving our planet for future generations, ensuring economic stability, and guaranteeing a more secure and sustainable future for all. Our ESG (Environment, Social, Governance) approach, integrated into our business model, reflects this enthusiastic desire to ‘do our bit’, with and for our stakeholders as well as within our own organisation.

Benjamin Verlingue

Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of the Adelaïde Group

Our ESG strategy:


Aligning sustainability and performance, leaving a positive mark on our environments

Since its inception, the Group has always acted responsibly and supported numerous high-impact initiatives.

In 2021, we will begin the more formal work of structuring our commitments. The first workshops, steeped in this history of commitment, have given rise to hundreds of ideas, culminating in our current commitments to shape a future where performance and sustainability are aligned.

It was with this conviction that we drew up our ESG policy, with the active support of our employees, customers and partners.

This process of self-examination has given us food for thought about the impact we want to generate: identifying where our energy will be most beneficial and where our legitimacy to act is indisputable.

To follow our ESG strategy, our mission is expressed in 4 strategic ambitions:

1. Ethics in action

We are committed to supporting our customers in their transition through more informed and responsible risk management. We build partnerships based on trust and sustainability, and integrate ESG principles at the very heart of our performance, affirming our role as a guide to a more ethical, equitable and sustainable business world.

2. Positive footprint

We strive to leave a positive footprint of our activity by minimising our carbon emissions while working to preserve biodiversity. Every action we take is proof of our determination to protect and restore our environment, a tangible commitment to a greener future.

3. Human development

Our employees, our team, are the heart of our company. We focus on fairness, equal opportunities and personal development. Our aim is to create an environment where everyone can grow, flourish and contribute fully to our shared mission.

4. Local commitment, global impact

We strengthen our ties with the community by anchoring our actions in a local and societal approach. By being present, active and supportive locally, we turn our local commitment into a force for global change.

Next step:

staying the course and mappinng out our ESG policy

In 2023, we have laid solid foundations for the internal deployment of our ESG policy, with the first strategic milestones in place.

We are committed to pursuing these orientations with rigour, working on the objectification of our commitments via clear indicators and targets that allow measurement and thus the implementation of a continuous improvement approach so dear to the Group’s values.

Watch a video to find out more about our ESG approach: