Adelaïde is a family group and one of France’s leading insurance brokers; it is chaired by Jacques Verlingue,

along with two of his children, Audrey and Benjamin Verlingue.


The Group’s three businesses are run by:

Eric Maumy, Verlingue CEO, Matthieu Havy, Génération CEO and Jean-Sébastien Nénon, Coverlife CEO.

Adelaïde’s Executive Committee sets the Group’s keyvision and strategic priorities.

Its aim is to ensure long-term, profitable growth for Adelaïde and its businesses, in France and internationally.

Jacques Verlingue

Adelaïde Chairman

Audrey Verlingue

Adelaïde CEO

Benjamin Verlingue

Adelaïde Deputy CEO, Development

Eric Maumy

Verlingue CEO

Matthieu Havy

Génération CEO

Jean-Sébastien Nénon

Coverlife CEO