Pillar 2 - Positive footprint

Our role is not limited to that of insurance broker and risk management expert for our customers. We also act as a responsible organisation, aware of the impact of our activities and our internal operations, whether within our buildings, in the way we travel or in the management of our human capital.

Working to reduce our carbon footprint and align ourselves with the Paris agreements

In practical terms, we are committed to:

•  Continuing to reduce the carbon footprint of our activities by 5% per year until the end of the next strategic plan (2028) – globally and by company

•  Challenging our approach with SBTI, or another standard, to challenge our approach, or even review our reduction targets

•  Using all the levers at our disposal (transforming all our business travel, preventing risks and supporting the mobility of our stakeholders, reducing the footprint of our buildings, reducing waste and promoting the circular economy, transforming our IT equipment, etc.).

Offsetting only what cannot be reduced

•  Preserve biodiversity directly affected by the consequences of climate change.

•   Reinforce this action with specific local initiatives.

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