As an insurance broker specialising in business protection, Verlingue offers its customers simple, effective solutions to protect their activities (business risks) and their staff (employee benefits).

Choosing Verlingue gives you access to insurance solutions that are simple and effective, fair and understandable, clear and easy to implement. Surround yourself with experts who know

how to make insurance simple.

«Our ambition is to establish a major non-specialist and independent European insurance broker in the field of business risk management, which is regarded as a benchmark in terms of professionalism and customer service by our customers, employees and the other players in the market»

Gilles Bénéplanc, CEO of Verlingue

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€285 millionan aggregate turnover
+19%Growth in 2023
€101 millionof turnover internationally (+45%)

As part of its 2024 strategic plan, Verlingue has set itself six areas of improvement to achieve its ambition of becoming a benchmark insurance broker:

#Business and professionalism
Strengthen our presence with the managers of SMEs, ETIs and large companies by means of consulting and management teams that work actively in the field and are even more experienced.
Promote our brand and win new market segments with a high level of commercial intensity.
Develop the best standards in the sector in digital marketing.


#Customer experience
Anticipate the needs of all our customers and measure their satisfaction; develop digital solutions that facilitate risk management; propose dedicated rituals for our key accounts.


#Operational efficiency
Be proactive with our customers. Simplify our organisations and processes and initiate a continuous improvement process.
All these actions will enable us to remain a lean and agile company, where it is good to work, with the aim of increasing our productivity.

#Digital transformation
Create a robust and open IT environment to support our growth and the integration of our various subsidiaries.
Develop digital innovation to enhance our expertise and provide even more added value for our customers.
The transformation of information systems is an essential way to improve our human intelligence.


#Employee experience
Strengthen our team through the integration of new talent and the training of our teams.
Develop a leadership culture and an entrepreneurial spirit.
Make human relations at work a source of fulfilment.


Seize opportunities to open up to new activities and expand our playing field internationally.
Rely on our independence and our business model to develop our attractiveness: our success also depends on new acquisitions.

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