Pillar 1 - Ethics in action

Our first pillar is the cornerstone of our business model.

It is based on 3 key aspects.

Supporting customers through the expected transisions, through more effective

risk management

Protecting people

The healthcare sector is facing major challenges and opportunities, marked by rising costs and a constantly evolving system. Prevention is emerging as a key focus, while patients are becoming active players in their own well-being. This has a direct impact on group and individual insurance solutions.

All the Group’s businesses combine innovation with commitment to offer solutions that are adapted to changing contexts, supporting responsible consumption and facilitating HR services.


Supporting business risks

Businesses have a key role to play in managing risk and building a sustainable ecosystem, in the face of an uncertain world and frequent crises. As an insurance broker and risk management advisor, we aim to:

• Influence public debate and combat uninsurability by devising innovative solutions for risk management, including prevention.

• Improve production and construction methods with advanced technical advice.

• Establish partnerships with responsible insurers.

• Integrate innovative services into the range of services offered, in line with the objectives of sustainable transitions.

• Educating and raising customer awareness of risk management.


The climate crisis is a priority, with actions focused on managing the risks associated with climate-related hazards, prevention, and support for sustainable business models. Loss prevention and management also help to preserve biodiversity.


Responsible digital technology and trusted AI are also a new strategic challenge, requiring particular attention to risk management and the integration of climate change.

Building sustainable and responsible partnerships and responsible partnerships

Working together is essential if we are to meet today’s challenges.

At the Adelaïde Group, we are driven by the responsibility to do our bit. We know that we can be catalysts for change. To do this, we choose to develop sustainable partnerships: developing and maintaining solid, ethical ties with all our stakeholders: customers, partners, suppliers, non-governmental organisations, associations and so on.

Integrating ESG as a component of performance at all levels of the company

At the Adelaïde Group, we want ESG to be everyone’s business. We firmly believe that we can all play our part in the expected transitions. We must therefore strive to involve as many people as possible, which is a long-term effort.

We have therefore decided to create a Group plan, based on 4 pillars, which can be adapted in all companies, including international ones. We want to respect the specific characteristics of each entity, whether these relate to their geography, their market, their customers and partners, or their employees. We firmly believe that each company can chart its own course, while respecting its own challenges and contributing to the common cause.

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