Pilier 3 - Human development

The ESG Social criterion is essential for assessing the impact of a company’s actions on its employees and partners.

Developing skills for the future

The Adelaïde Group is dedicated to improving the skills and employability of its employees, preparing them for future technological and economic developments.

The aim is to support employees over the long term, ensuring that the Group’s growth goes hand in hand with improving their quality of life. This approach is at the heart of the policies pursued by the HR department, aimed at enhancing the employee experience and guaranteeing equality between women and men in the company’s development.
In addition to our HR policies and advanced initiatives, we want to focus our current ESG approach on the development of women and men, in order to:

Accelerate fair treatment and equal opportunities

Promote the development and fulfilment of our employees

Find out about the specific actions taken by companies in the Adelaïde Group